Unleash Cost Savings & Quality: Source Machinery Directly from Turkey!

Unleash Cost Savings & Quality

Beyond China: Expand your global sourcing horizons with Turkey’s diverse, high-quality machinery and industrial component supply options.

Turkey’s industrial machinery exports are making waves in the global sourcing and procurement arena. Its unique advantages, from strategic location to strong infrastructure and favourable trade agreements, are attracting companies seeking diverse and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

The appeal of Turkey has increased dramatically as the turmoil in the Red Sea has forced many sourcing and procurement teams to investigate the opportunities Turkey can provide as a product or component sourcing destination.

As an alternative to China sourcing or as part of a China +1 global sourcing strategy Turkey can offer a huge range of benefits that as a product sourcing destination. Discover why Turkey is a rising star for global sourcing of industrial machinery.

Turkish Machinery Exports: A Global Sourcing Powerhouse

Turkish machinery exports surpassed a new milestone in 2022, exceeding $10 billion in the first 5 months. This growth has positioned Turkey as a prominent destination for global sourcing and procurement, particularly for companies seeking to diversify their supply chain and mitigate risks (environmental and geopolitical). This trend is set to increase rapidly as the turmoil in the red sea continues to increase cost and shipping times for Asian supply.

ET2C International: Your Global Sourcing Partner in Turkey

With over 20 years of experience, ET2C International is a leading sourcing agent specializing in global sourcing strategy and procurement. Our team of 200 colleagues operates in seven key sourcing markets, including our new office in Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city.

We simplify global sourcing for clients by acting as a bridge to their supply partners, overcoming language barriers, time zone differences, and cultural nuances. Our expertise ensures you find the right factory partners and deliver your sourcing strategy effectively. Contact@et2cint.com

Growing Global Sourcing and Procurement Demand for Turkish Machinery

Over 200 countries are recognizing the value proposition of sourcing machinery from Turkey. With a population of 80 million and a transcontinental location spanning Asia and Europe, Turkey offers a strategic advantage for global sourcing. As a product sourcing agent with an established network in Izmir, we can help you connect with the right Turkish suppliers for your specific needs. We have been working with clients on industrial machinery and engineered components

Turkey’s Industrial Machinery Strength and Specialism in Industrial Sourcing

Industrial machinery is the second-largest export market for Turkey, showcasing an average growth exceeding 15%. Exports reach over 200 countries, with over half destined for the EU and USA. Key product categories include:

  • Construction machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • Food processing machinery
  • Plastic and rubber machinery
  • Printing machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Agricultural machinery

Why you should focus your Machinery sourcing strategy on Turkey?

There are many reasons why you should consider sourcing machinery and industrial components from Turkey, including:

  • Competitive pricing: Turkey has lower labour and manufacturing costs than many other countries, which can save businesses money on their machinery purchases. For example, a recent study found that businesses can save up to 20% on the cost of machinery by sourcing from Turkey.
  • High quality: Turkish machinery manufacturers are committed to quality, and their products meet international standards. Many Turkish machinery manufacturers are also ISO 9001 certified, which means that they have a quality management system in place.
  • Wide variety: Turkey produces a wide variety of industrial machinery, so you can find whatever you need from Turkish suppliers. Whether you are looking for textile machinery, food processing machinery, or construction machinery, you can find it in Turkey.
  • Ease of doing business: The Turkish government has made it easier for foreign businesses to invest in the country. There are now tax breaks and other incentives available to foreign businesses that source machinery from Turkey.
  • Strategic location: Turkey’s location between Europe and Asia makes it an ideal hub for global sourcing. This means that you can get your machinery to your destination quickly and easily.

ET2C the Local Expert Sourcing strategy with Global presence

We are one of Europe’s leading product sourcing agency based in Izmir, we have extensive experience helping businesses source machinery and industrial components from Turkey. We have a deep understanding of the Turkish machinery industry and can help you find the right suppliers for your needs. We can also help you navigate the logistics of importing machinery from Turkey.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you source machinery from Turkey  contact@et2cint.com

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