Supply Chain Management Services

ET2C serves startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing solutions from China, India, Vietnam and Turkey.

Sourcing & Procurement

Strategic Supplier Relationships
We consistently look for the best suppliers who we can partner with over the medium term to provide our clients with a quality driven sustainable product solution. This must address a range of factors, including quality assurance, certifications, product innovation, terms, MOQs, capacity, stock holding, exchange rate fluctuations to name a few.

office Service

Buying Office

A Dedicated Team
To clients with specific strategic requirements, we propose a cost-effective and scalable solution. This model provides a dedicated team that can be established upstream in the relevant sourcing jurisdiction. It is most effective for businesses that already have a dedicated sourcing/buying/quality resource in-house as well as the volume of spend.

Third Party Quality Control

Upstream Quality Assurance & Control
As well as an integral part of our own internal process, we routinely audit and inspect our clients’ Asian suppliers to ensure that they meet the required standards for quality assurance and set up risk driven quality programs for production runs. We have developed our own CSR and sustainability programs that can be tapped into as part of our own Third Party Quality Control offer.

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Our clients’ trusted partner in Asia.

For product companies, at any stage of growth, ET2C provides the most sustainable value when compared to other agents and sourcing companies because of the premium service, level of engagement across the product life cycle, and creative, global perspective we promise our customers.

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