The ET2C Ecosystem

The retail landscape is fast evolving, being disrupted quicker than it ever, through technological advances and the changing behaviour of the consumer. This is leading to different drivers at the ‘buy-side’ and how companies need to interact with their supplier base.

ET2C Ecosystem Key Pillars


Term Financing Working Capital Investment

Sustainability & Ethics

Radical Supply Chain Mapping
Sustainable materials
Sustainable packaging
Ethical consulting ( Suppliers )
Charitable programs


Market Inteligence
Forecasting Solutions
Data Analytics (eg. QC)
Robotics Procress Automation


Distribution & New Markets Entry
3D Print Solutions
Upstream design / photography
Range Development
Downstream storage solutions



Our network is global & covers multiple markets, different types of business as well as thousands of industry contacts. We believe that connections are important and want to bring you the power of our network.

Whether you want to take your ranges to other overseas markets or you have contacts who can introduce companies and opportunities to us, please contact us at


ET2C Referral Program

Word of mouth” is the best way to develop new business because it is based on credible and trusted experiences. We value all our clients and, for those that refer opportunities to us that convert, we will provide discounts/savings going forward! Contact us at

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