Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is an increasingly important trend within many markets, and ET2C has an established network of factories already working with sustainable materials.

Integrity and Accountability

ET2C is a comprehensive global sourcing company that is committed to providing businesses with access to low-cost country  manufacturing territories (China, India and Vietnam). We offer multi-industry sourcing services to startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing strategies from Asia.

Services Used

About The Client

The US company is a leading supplier of both custom and standard packaging, including glass and plastic containers. The company is always looking for innovative packaging solutions for its clients. Operating across a range industry segments (beauty, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and household), the company can provide, source or create the container and closure that best satisfies the products’ requirements.

The Challenges

In line with global trends, the client received an increase in the number of enquiries for sustainable packaging alternatives. They wanted to understand what options of sustainable packaging were possible from the Asian manufacturing base but did not have the reach or network on the ground to identify the right suppliers. The aim was to provide their clients with options for alternative packaging for their products.

The Solution

The client reached out to ET2C to leverage our on-the-ground sourcing expertise in Asia. Having already established a network of factories that are using sustainable materials, we were well placed to offer them some ideas for their clients. We focused on the beauty/personal healthcare segment and presented jars, bottles, and caps that were made of bamboo.


Using ET2C’s sourcing capability allowed our client to quickly meet customer demand and generate additional revenues with a sustainable packaging line that is both relevant and price competitive in the market. Having the ability to simultaneously access multiple sourcing markets was key in understanding which market and factory was the best fit, which ultimately aided the execution of the project.

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