Why you need a strong Global Sourcing Strategy for your business ?

Implementing a Strategic Sourcing Plan

5 reasons your business will benefit from a well-developed and executed Global Sourcing Strategy.

As the Canton fair opens for the 133rd time, bringing together business from across the globe. There is no better time to review and reflect on the need for a strong Global Sourcing strategy.As Sourcing and Procurement teams manage enhanced missions and a more elevated seat at the corporate table. Refining and delivering the Sourcing Strategy is even more important for corporate success.

  1. Cost savings: A well-executed strategic sourcing plan can help your company reduce sourcing and procurement costs by identifying opportunities to consolidate suppliers, optimize processes and build in new offshore supply partners.
  2. Improved supplier relationships: By working closely with suppliers to develop long-term partnerships, your company can benefit from improved quality, reduced lead times, and increased supplier responsiveness.
  3. Increased efficiency: Strategic sourcing can help your company streamline procurement processes, improve supply chain visibility, and reduce the time and effort required to manage supplier relationships. Speeding up Innovation, Npd and Packaging changes.
  4. Risk management: More strategic supplier partnerships can help mitigate the risks associated with supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. Working together to jointly build a partnership for growth.
  5. Better alignment with business goals: A strategic sourcing plan can help your company align procurement decisions with broader business objectives, such as sustainability, innovation, and growth. Supporting the delivery of wider corporate ESG commitments.

Overall, a well-designed and executed strategic sourcing plan can help your company reduce costs, improve supplier relationships, increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and align procurement decisions with broader business goals.

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