Huge Growth in BBQ and Grill Sales

It’s no surprise that the BBQ and outdoor cooking market has exploded over the last few years as consumer behaviour has changed.

Huge growth in BBQ and Grill sales

Grow your Outdoor Category Range with ‘Social Grilling’

A Growth Market

It’s no surprise that the BBQ and outdoor cooking market has exploded over the last few years as consumer behaviour has changed. The pandemic meant we were all spending more time outside and, when socialising was allowed, we were actively encouraged to adopt a more outdoor lifestyle which created huge demand for outdoor grills and BBQs.

But how is the market performing now?

The signs are that not only are these products still in demand, but the predictions are that it is a fast growth category.

The Business Research Company predicts that the barbecues and grills market is expected to reach $42.02 billion by 2026 (CAGR 18.4%)

Here at Social Grilling, we are also still seeing an upward trend in demand for our BBQ tools and accessories. As customers and consumers are inspired by our brand vision

At Social grilling we believe that only by having the best tools for the job can you truly unleash your culinary creativity

Outdoor grilling accessories are a great way of boosting your bottom line as well as complementing your existing BBQ and grill listings. The data shows the demand and consumers are therefore in an ideal mindset to upgrade or buy specific BBQ and Grill utensils.

The Consumer Trends


A combination of the lingering Coronavirus and travel paperwork complexities has driven the massive boom in staycations. On top of this we are also seeing travel disruption with cancelled and delayed flights which is deterring consumers from overseas holidays – again driving up the staycation demand.

Outdoor living

The surge in demand for garden rooms, home offices, garden gyms and more has meant that our attention has been firmly fixed on our outdoor space and how we can improve and have a more fluid indoor / outdoor lifestyle. Cooking on the BBQ or outdoor grill is no longer just an occasion but has been almost adopted as one of the main cooking options of the day as we enjoy our new outdoor spaces more regularly.

Healthy eating

It’s well known that grilling is, generally, healthier than frying. Combine this with healthier food choices and the BBQ is a win-win option. National BBQ Week reported: “Vegetarian or vegan options are becoming increasingly popular on the Barbi in line with the continuing trend towards more meat-free meals, with a flexitarian offer being adopted by many consumers in the choice of barbecued food. It is estimated that around 29% of all BBQs in 2021 contained a primary vegetarian or plant base.”


Grow your Sales

At Social Grilling we’ve put together a range of high-quality BBQ and grilling tools and utensils for today’s more sophisticated outdoor cooking market. As complementary pieces to sales of BBQs and grills these can be used flexibly as promotional items, sold individually or grouped together as mini ranges to suit your own brand selling style and retail target audience.

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