Global Sourcing & Procurement 2024: Top 10 Challenges Companies Face and How to build a mitigation Strategy

Global Sourcing & Procurement


From trade disruptions to sustainability concerns, navigate the complex world of global procurement in 2024. Discover the key challenges and practical strategies for resilient sourcing success. 

Companies face a multitude of concerns and issues in their global sourcing and procurement in 2024, with many challenges echoing concerns from previous years while others emerge as new anxieties. As issues and turmoil continue to grow and change shape and impact companies must respond with more flexibility and agility in the sourcing. 

Sourcing strategy and procurement is becoming a critical element of competitive advantage in many markets. Ensuring that the global sourcing and procurement function in companies is a critical part of company’s business plan and margin defence. The range of trade impacts is huge from the residual effects of El Nino to the turmoil in the Red Sea increasing shipping costs and timing to receive orders.

Regular reviews and updates of your strategic sourcing plan are vital to ensure that global sourcing is as effective as possible in a world of emerging threats to supply chains. 

 ET2C International Experts in Global Sourcing Strategies  

ET2C International has for over twenty years played a crucial role connecting global brands and companies with sourcing partners. Our expertise in global sourcing and supply chain can strategy make sure you get all the benefits of sourcing from China, Asia or Emerging Sourcing jurisdictions such as Ethiopia, India, Turkey or Mexico without any of the risks.  

Our 250 colleagues are based in offices in seven key sourcing markets to make your global sourcing simpler. Where language, time zone or business communication practices can make things difficult, our team will be your bridge to your suppliers.  

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Top 10 Global Sourcing and Procument Challenges 2024  

  1. Geopolitical Uncertainty and Trade Disruptions:
  • The ongoing tension between major powers, potential regional conflicts, and unpredictable sanctions regimes can disrupt supply chains and inflate costs. 
  • Trade wars and protectionist policies continue to create uncertainties and increase border friction, hindering smooth global sourcing. 
  1. Supply Chain Resilience and Disruptions:
  • The lingering effects of the pandemic and climate change exacerbate supply chain vulnerabilities. Events like natural disasters, cyberattacks, and labor shortages can cause sudden disruptions and shortages. 
  • Building resilient supply chains with geographically diverse suppliers and alternative routes becomes crucial to mitigate risks. 
  1. Inflation and Rising Costs:
  • Global inflation, driven by factors like energy price hikes and resource scarcity, leads to increased procurement costs for materials, transportation, and logistics. 
  • Companies need to adapt sourcing strategies and negotiate effectively with suppliers to manage cost pressures. 
  1. Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing:
  • Consumer demand for sustainable and ethical products is growing, pushing companies to source responsibly and consider environmental and social impacts in their procurement decisions. 
  • Managing supplier audits, ensuring transparency, and addressing ESG (environmental, social, and governance) concerns adds complexity to sourcing processes. 
  1. Technological Disruption and Talent Shortage:
  • Emerging technologies like AI and automation are changing the landscape of procurement, but require skilled professionals to implement and manage effectively. 
  • The talent shortage in the procurement field makes it difficult to find professionals with the necessary skills and experience for these digital transformations. 
  1. Data Security and Cybersecurity Threats:
  • Increased reliance on digital platforms and automation in procurement exposes companies to cybersecurity risks like data breaches and cyberattacks. 
  • Investing in robust cybersecurity measures and ensuring data privacy within complex global supply chains becomes paramount. 
  1. Evolving Regulatory Landscape and Trade Agreements:
  • Changing regulations around customs, product safety, and labor standards can add complexity and compliance costs to global sourcing. 
  • Understanding and navigating the evolving trade agreements and navigating their intricacies become critical for smooth international procurement. 
  1. Managing Diverse Supplier Relationships:
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with a diverse network of global suppliers is essential for long-term success. 
  • Effective communication, cultural sensitivity, and collaborative partnerships are crucial in this complex ecosystem. 
  1. Transparency and Transparency Challenges:
  • Ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain, from sourcing materials to product deliveries, is increasingly important for ethical and sustainable practices. 
  • Companies need to implement robust traceability systems and communicate their sourcing practices effectively to consumers and stakeholders. 
  1. Balancing Cost, Quality, and Ethics:
  • The constant pressure to reduce costs while maintaining quality and adhering to ethical standards presents a challenging balancing act for procurement teams. 
  • Innovative sourcing strategies and strategic partnerships can help companies achieve a sustainable and balanced approach. 

These are just some of the biggest concerns and issues companies face in global sourcing and procurement in 2024. By being aware of these challenges and proactively implementing solutions, companies can navigate the complex landscape and build resilient, sustainable, and successful global sourcing strategies. 


ET2C International: Trusted Partners in Sourcing and Supply Chain  

ET2C International has for over twenty years played a crucial role connecting global brands and companies with sourcing partners. Our expertise in global sourcing and supply chain can make sure you get all the benefits of sourcing from China and Asia without any of the risks. 

Our team of experts can help you create and deliver a global sourcing plan.  

If you would like to discuss any of the challenges outlined in the post or to discuss how we can help you to diversify your supply chain, please 

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