Procurement solutions for a large supermarket chain

Executive Summary

Having the right ally to expand supply from Asia may not be so easy for a retail store chain despite having an office in China dedicated to developing products and suppliers. The challenge was to find transparency, quality and better proposals for footwear, all this was found thanks to the wide range of suppliers offered by ET2C International.

Services Used

Buying office

Quality assurance

About The Client

With a global supply office located in Asia and strict control and supervision of suppliers, one of the largest supermarket chains in the world continues to face the complexity of finding factories that not only have the capacity for high production volumes, but also present attractive proposals in the required price range and can become true business allies.

The Challenges

Due to its terms and conditions, as well as the lengthy processes and audits to become a supplier to this supermarket chain, it is very difficult for factories in Asia to start this process or to meet all the requirements.

Specifically, the vulcanized footwear category had an opportunity in its stores to grow with imported merchandise, where new and better proposals than national suppliers were shown, since production processes and costs are more competitive in the Asian market for this type. of footwear.

The challenge implied new vulcanized shoe options, with more stylized lasts, production with high quality standards and within the target price.

The Solution

After a long search for suppliers, our client found in ET2C a viable solution to grow, develop and produce this category of vulcanized casual sneakers in Asia. He worked hand in hand with his design team to present a collection with on-trend materials and prints, with the aim of achieving a family program that included footwear for women, men and children.


This supermarket chain found the ideal business partner in Asia that it had been looking for so much despite having an office in that region, which left for granted the capabilities, reach and access that ET2C International has to a wide range of suppliers, as well as such as the flexibility to find a customized solution regardless of the size of the client, providing winning proposals thanks to its extensive knowledge of the market. Our client achieved sales growth year after year and satisfied a high demand for this type of footwear among its target market.In addition to taking care of each part of the production process, we know the importance of a satisfactory factory audit or the approval of a finished product inspection report. We know how to add value to your operations with Asia and be a true ally.

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