The ET2C Ecosystem

The retail landscape is fast evolving, being disrupted quicker than it ever, through technological advances and the changing behaviour of the consumer. This is leading to different drivers at the ‘buy-side’ and how companies need to interact with their supplier base.

ET2C Ecosystem Key Pillars

Term Financing
Working Capital Investment
Sustainability & Ethics
Radical Supply Chain Mapping
Sustainable materials
Sustainable packaging
Ethical consulting ( Suppliers )
Charitable programs
Market Inteligence
Forecasting Solutions
Data Analytics (eg. QC)
Robotics Procress Automation
Distribution & New Markets Entry
3D Print Solutions
Upstream design / photography
Range Development
Downstream storage solutions

Moving with the changes

Whether it be the ability to customise a particular product, different more flexible ordering capability, or the need to reduce the environmental impact of a product reviewing the material used and the manufacturing processes– we at ET2C recognise the need to adapt and offer more to our clients.

Join the ET2C Ecosystem

ET2C is therefore on the lookout for collaborative partners in the Supply Chain Arena.

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