Make it a Sustainable Christmas!

After attending Sustainable Brands Madrid, a lot of research, brainstorming (and coffee!), this year we finally launched “The Sustainability Taskforce”

sustainable christmas


After attending Sustainable Brands Madrid, a lot of research, brainstorming (and coffee!), this year we finally launched “The Sustainability Taskforce”, our internal initiative to better understand and articulate what ‘sustainability’ means to us and our stakeholders but also more broadly as a catalyst for change going forward.

More than ever, this topic has been a frequent discussion point when speaking with clients about materials, suppliers and overall brand strategy due to changes in local regulations or the evolution of the consumers’ purchasing behaviour. We care about it, and we want to engage with this discussion, share knowledge and ideas and ultimately set in place a collective that makes a difference.

Make a difference. #DoGood this Christmas

Therefore, this Christmas we decided to engage with our clients and partners that are already part of this conversation. By sending them a personally selected eco-friendly gift, we are hoping to activate them to share their commitment to sustainability.
In particular, we’ll ask them to use their social media channels to tell a ‘sustainable story’ and explain their promise or commitment to sustainability, using the hashtags #DoGood and #SustainabilityTaskforce.

We have identified a range of partners in three different client markets, who have allowed us to send some very nice sustainable gifts. For the US, we have chosen The Little Market, which is a non-profit founded by women to empower women, offering handmade fair trade products created by artisans around the world.

For our UK clients, we have selected as a partner GlobalWAKEcup, a start-up with a mission to impact the use of single use plastics, proposing stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use cups, bottles, bags and straws.

Lastly, for Australia and New Zealand, we partner with Ecostainable, a company that is focused on ‘Changing the world, one home at a time’ with a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products for you and your home.


Join our Journey

This is only the start. As a business we are committing to driving forward a range of initiatives in line with some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (2015). Across environmental issues to poverty to inequality, we are looking to start small and work towards some targets that resonate with us an organization to make a difference.
Do you want to be part of this journey and share with us your commitment to sustainability?
Follow this initiative on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and share your story on our or your social media.
It can be anything. It could be around what you already do at home, or perhaps an initiative already in place at the workplace. We are looking for variety so by all means make them personal and fun!

Remember to use the hashtags #DoGood #SustainabilityTaskforce and add a picture if you want!
We are thinking big but are aware that this journey has to start with small steps.
Together we can make a difference.

sustainable task force

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