Face Masks and Smiles for an Anti-Covid Competition

arge swathes of people across the Globe are moving into secondary lockdowns and this is not just impacting our way of life, but our outlook on our existence.

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Face Masks can be fun if you wear it together with a smile!

Large swathes of people across the Globe are moving into secondary lockdowns and this is not just impacting our way of life, but our outlook on our existence.

This Pandemic has been headline news the world over since March of this year. Seven months have gone by and Governments have remained vexed as to the way forward. Even where there are signs of light, there is always the spectre of additional outbreaks hanging ominously overhead. Our daily life has been disrupted, or rather ripped up and thrown away. Social gatherings – an innate part of our humanity – are in most parts of the world restricted, socially distanced and in some instances shut down. We have even lost the ability to engage with each other and read the instinctive facial reactions as these are commonly cloaked behind a mask.

The result is that there are now genuine concerns around the impact on peoples’ well-being. The 24 hours news cycles are constantly regurgitating the ‘doom and gloom’ of Covid and the impact it is having. Statistics have taken lives of their own and are now free of the shackles of context. At some point, we all need to take a step back, take a deep breath and remember our humanity, our existence as social beings and remember past interactions that have impacted our lives.

#SmileWithYourEyes Face Masks contest ET2C

Positivity Starts with a Smile

At ET2C, to counter all this negativity, we want to encourage people to smile and let a little positivity into their lives during all this hardship. Given the majority of us are having to wear masks, we thought that we would launch a contest that would make us smile whilst giving out some free cloth masks to keep everyone safe.
We already sent out some cloth masks to our clients and partners as part of this initiative. Importantly, we are focusing on cloth masks, which can be reused, to reduce the amount of PPE waste being put into the environment. We then asked them all to provide some photos to us with them smiling with their masks on. We have had some really positive feedback and now wanted to spread some more positivity through this contest.

SmileWithYourEyes People Face Masks Cloth ET2C

The Face Masks Contest – Smile with your eyes

To enter it’s simple! All you need to do is:

1. Choose either Facebook or LinkedIn
2. Follow ET2C’s account
3. Take a picture of you smiling, whilst wearing a cloth mask
4. Share it on your chosen social media channel, using the hashtag #smilewithyoureyes, and mention ET2Cs account and two friends
5. We will pick the top 5 posts (most fun/most shared) and send them their own pack of 10 cloth masks.

It is important to take time out of your day for a little positivity during these trying times. It does not take long and we hope that it will make people feel better about themselves and of course, we hope it is a little bit of fun.

SmileWithYourEyes contest
Keep smiling!

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