Our Approach

We believe the good business is good for business, our approach to becoming a more sustainable business is framed and aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitments and roadmap outline our approach to doing business and how we will make our contribution to achieving the goals of the UN in their Agenda for Sustainable Business Development  2030.

We have identified 8 commitments to make ourselves the most sustainable and environmentally responsible business we can be. Recognising that “instead of simply trying to do less harm we should aim to do good” Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Environmental Commitments

  • Reducing our GHG emissions by 20%
  • Maximise our use of renewable energy
  • Remove all single-use plastic from our offices
  • Reduce our energy consumption across all sites

Social & community commitments

  • We will become a Zero accident in our business
  • Development plans in place for all our colleagues
  • % of profits invested in community projects
  • We will support colleagues Volunteering days

Our commitments are aligned to delivering the ambitions of the following SDG’s

Only by collaborating closely with our partners and stakeholders can we start to be more effective in playing our role in dealing with some of the environmental challenges we all face.

Customers and consumers and wider stakeholders expect companies such as ours to help deal with these issues in a responsible and honest way. Only by being totally transparent in our plans and reporting can we earn and retain the trust of our clients and customers.

We will share our progress in our sustainability report which we will publish annually.  Detailing how we our performing in the delivery of our commitments.

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