Whether you need to develop your own range, identify new product categories or find new suppliers, ET2C is here to help you.

With 20 years of experience in this sector, we understand your needs – raw material selection, seasonality, quality requirements – and work with manufacturers who can deliver against our clients’ needs.

What We Do

Our rigorous sourcing process identifies the right manufacturer and we make sure that we adhere to the critical path to prevent any delays. In addition, we manage the quality assurance piece, which includes both the factory’s own compliance and certifications as well as the quality of the products being manufactured.

Fashion Key Industries

We invest time and effort in aligning to our client’s specific requirements. Sometimes, this may start with a ‘mood board’ to understand the positioning of a product and/or range. In other cases, we may be focused on a particular look or feel that permeates through products. Our key sectors in Fashion sourcing services include.







Outdoor Sourcing Services

As well as the core ranges and products that you will find at retail for each different season, at ET2C are always looking for additional add value opportunities for our clients. This could be moving to new sourcing markets to provide a different product quality proposition (such as our WAG initiative). Or it can be incorporating different materials and functions to standard ranges. We have relevant and experienced suppliers across all our sourcing markets.

Custom Parts

Modify Specifications

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We welcome you to submit your Request for Quotation, so that we can provide you more information on your fashion item needs.

Develop your project with us

We look to work with startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers in the Fashion industry who have a specific need or want to partner with our team, who are at the source in China, India and Vietnam (with more locations to come!). We are here to help.

Case Study: Sourcing Services for a Young Growth Company

A young growth company that was having issues managing China suppliers at arm’s length.  Having identified the need for an upstream resource and by partnering with ET2C, the Founders were able to transform their business and focus on giving their customers what they wanted.

ET2C helped Kapow control their supply chain and this has had a transformational impact on their business. They can now focus on developing their ranges and ensuing that they are delivering the products that their customers are asking for.

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