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pets merchandiser | Shanghai

Amber Zhou

How long have you been working for ET2C ?

I have worked at ET2C for 5-6 years. 

What is your role and your key responsibilities ?

I am the merchandiser for textile products and pets in ET2C Shanghai office.

My 1st priority job is sourcing the high quality factory partners for our clients. Creating the textile and pets vendor matrix for ET2C in Greater China Region .

So when we have new clients join us we have an establish networks of specialist factories ready to support their needs.

My 2nd job is to provide our clients with information on new trends in design, manufacturing technique or new materials.

What is it that you like about working for ET2C ? 

It is great to work here as we always have new challenge to overcome and a great team who work together to create solutions.

I find the whole team very supportive and help me to be the best I can. Developing my creative thinking, innovation business development skills to grow the company.

Sourcing manager Industrial products | Shanghai

Eva Liu

How long have you worked for ET2C ?

It’s been almost 9 years since I joined in ET2C.

What is your role and key responsibilities ?

I have been working in the Industrial Department in the Shanghai Office since I joined in ET2C in 2014.  I am the Category Manager of the Industrial team. Our team will take a clients brief and be responsible for delivering the project is delivered on time to budget and exactly to specification.

What do you enjoy about working at ET2C ?

ET2C company is like a second home ot me, where I have grown a lot and developed professionally and  knowledge as well. It’s like a second home to me. There are so many brothers and sisters there. Under the leadership of the CEO, Richard Archer-Perkins, we have taken care of each other, supported each other, learned from each other, overcome all kinds of difficulties and achieved a lot of success in our work. I really like the warm and harmonious atmosphere here; I will also continue to lead the Industry Team to work harder, help each other and make greater contributions to the company. To accompany and witness the company’s more future achievements.

Senior CSR specialist | Shanghai

Cristina Long

How long have you worked for ET2C ?

I have been working at the ET2C family since March 2019.

What is your role and key responsibilities ?

Evaluate new supplier’s against our ethical and sustainable procurement policies  

Regularly monitor and evaluate the activated supplier’s CSR risk, 3 months, 6 moths, 1 year or 2 years, this is based on the suppliers’ CSR performance. 

Work with suppliers to support them through audit process audit, and work with supplier to implement any corrective action plan (CAP) . 

Working with clients on their QC reporting. Reviewing reports with clients and supporting them as required.

What do you enjoy about working at ET2C ?

What I really enjoy about working here are my colleagues. We have a very open and supportive culture with trust and respect amongst all colleagues. This creates a great working environment to learn and grow

MIS manager | Izmir

Onur Guveren

How long have you worked for ET2C ?

I have worked for ET2C for a year now. 

What is your role and key responsibilities ?

Currently I am working in MIS department for duties related with IT, CRM Solution etc. Also, I support Sales efforts with e-mail marketing campaigns to generate new Sales Leads.  

What do you enjoy about working at ET2C ?

ET2C has a  friendly working atmosphere and build team spirit with a well established employee policy.

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