Coronavirus. ET2C’s Office to Re-open on 16th March 2020 

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13th March 2020

ET2C’s Office to ‘Officially’ Re-open on 16th March 2020

Further to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus over Chinese New Year, and the subsequent implementation of ET2C’s contingency plan for our Chinese based offices, we have now taken the decision to officially re-open our office sites across China.
Reviewing the data available, it appears that the outbreak has stabilised sufficiently to allow staff to return to our office sites. We do anticipate additional preventative measures to be in place for the foreseeable future.

At the time of writing, there are active cases in the following provinces/Cities:
Guangdong – Of 1,356 cases confirmed, there are now only 59 active cases
Shanghai – Of 344 cases confirmed, there are now only 20 active cases
Fujian – Of 296 cases confirmed, there are now no active cases
Zhejiang – Of 1,215 cases confirmed, there are now only 17 active cases
We thank all our clients for their patience over this period. Should there be any changes or updates that alter any of the above, we will notify you immediately. If you have your own enquiries, please contact your relevant account manager or at our usual contact addresses.

Canton Fair Spring 2020

It has been announced that the Fair will go ahead despite the backdrop of the now global pandemic of the Coronavirus. China’s premier has said, “Against the backdrop of foreign trade and foreign investment being hit hard by the epidemic, the spring session of the fair will have a particularly significance”.
There does seem to be some precedent for this. Although the spring session attracted some 200,000 buyers from 200 countries last year (top buyers were from Hong Kong, India, US, South Korea and Thailand), post SARS when the event was also put on in 2003, there were 23,128 buyers from 167 countries without a single case of infection.
Given the likely restrictions in place for foreign travellers at for this season, should you wish ET2C to attend for you in any capacity, please contact us.


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