Metal Parts Procurement

If you are having difficulty finding metal parts locally or if price points are eroding your margins then contact ET2C. Our sourcing specialties include castings, forgings, stampings, coatings, and assemblies. With our sourcing capabilities in China, India, and Vietnam; we are able to cross check costing and bring the most competitive prices to you.


Leverage an ET2C client account team to maximize the benefits of an Asian upstream sourcing capability. This transparency helps drive a deeper understanding of your Asian supplier base and allows for greater supplier diversification and control. We offer bespoke solutions to ensure that it works for you and fits the needs of your business.

What We Do

Our fully inclusive team will provide the guidance and service that you expect with New Product Developments. Our services include factory audits, 1st article review/inspections, final inspections, and all of the coordination that is required throughout the product realization process.

Multi-industry, Big to Small Companies

Regardless if you are a Retailer, Wholesaler, or a Start-up Company; ET2C will help you to achieve your production goals.

Custom Metal Parts

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Transparent Development Process
Great Quality & Competitive Price

Modify Specifications

Flexible Factory Capabilities
Add Diversity to your Product Line
Fast Response to Demand Change

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We welcome you to submit your Request for Quotation, so that we can provide you more information on your metal part needs.

Achieve the right balance

We will help you to achieve the right balance between raw material application, logistic coordination, production capability and cost to maximize the contribution to your bottom line. Let us help you to successfully navigate the obstacles of manufacturing in a foreign country, while minimizing the efforts necessary to do so.

With extensive experience in both the automotive and railroad industries, we are quite familiar with the challenges that making customized parts can pose. Let us use those years of experience to cut through the red tape and help you realize your global sourcing requirements.

Metal Parts Procurement Expertise

ET2C has a wealth of procurement and sourcing skill in the metal parts categories listed below.
Metal parts
CNC Machining
Coatings: E coating, Powder coating, etc.
Hardware (Caster & Wheels, Hinges, Door Handles…)
Mold Making: Aluminum, Steel (various), etc.
Valves, Assemblies, Gear boxes…
Carbon Steel
Graphite/Ductile Iron
Gray Iron