ET2C Fun Room Now Open!

At ET2C we wish to create a happy and productive office environment. We may deal with factories and the numbers behind sourcing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun too! This month at the ET2C’s Shanghai office management happily opened a fun & leisure room for all the staff to enjoy. Featuring a ping pong table, darts, and many colorful chairs, this fun room has replaced what once was a normal meeting room.

The idea for the fun room came from ET2C CEO Richard Archer-Perkins. His assistant Wendy Xu said that Richard wants people to have fun during work and also that he was inspired by the Google office environment. So far management has noticed that the room is definitely making the ET2C work environment happier.

The design team from the Shanghai office played a big part in setting up the room. Inspired by pictures from Google and Pinterest, the creative team spent some time carefully designing the room. With a plan in mind, they separated the room into a place for fun and an area for creative meetings. The games provide ET2C staff with a chance to relax and the unique chairs and seats allow inspire staff members to think differently.

So far the design team and ET2C management has heard that all the staff members are enjoying the room. As a company, ET2C thrives on creating a happy and productive work environment. We hope our increased happiness from this fun room will be felt in our conversations with our customers.


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